The Servants, Inc.

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About The Project

The Servants, a manufacturer in Jasper, IN had been using Microsoft Excel and Access as their main customer and order management system for years. In order to improve productivity and access to business data, we built a custom Laravel solution that includes a quoting module, inventory management, and simple report generation and export (excel, pdf, email).

The customer wanted a reliable application that could be accessed from any of their three locations. To meet these expectations, we deployed the application to a pair of AWS web servers that share requests from a load balancer. This setup minimizes the opportunity for application failure and reduces the likelihood of a single server being overloaded.

In order to have a database that was as resilient as the web servers, we implemented an AWS Multi-Availability Zone RDS server solution. This setup consists of a primary database that fails over to a synchronized secondary in the event the primary deteriorates.

Overall, this AWS cloud solution has created an application environment that is secure, reliable, and performs well under load.

See the photos in our gallery below for more details on the project's look and feel.

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